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Fuel System Conversion Kits

Techforgas offers fuel conversion kits for both gasoline engines and diesel engines. Fuel conversion kits for gasoline engines are included in the Cargle series , whereas fuel conversion kits for diesel engines can be found in the Trucke series. The kits provided by Techforgas are ready to be installed and every component in any kit is fully tested.

Moreover, the fuel conversion kits are highly customizable. Thus, there is no fixed set of parts that are mandatory to be included in a specific kit. However, there are some critical parts that are essential to the normal functioning of a system. Generally, we distinguish different kits mainly by the model of the ECU included in the specific kit.

System for gasoline engines

Cargle Series

Cargle is a series of systems for petroleum engines. The type of conversion is bi-fuel conversion. See Details...

System for diesel engines

Trucke Series

Trucke is a series of systems for diesel engines. The type of conversion includes dedicated fuel injection systems and diesel dual fuel conversion. See Details...

For more information about different kits that Techforgas offers, please contact us throught one of the methods listed in the "Contact Us" section.