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History of Techforgas

Althought our team has been founded nearly 20 years ago, we can sum up our history using only a few words; that is "INNOVATION," "DETERMINATION" and "DEVELOPMENT."

From some simple ideas of some engine engineers who dreamed of alternative fuels for transportation vehicles, we are now providing fuel conversion parts and kits for a number of well-known Chinese and international companies. It is just like dreams come true.

From less than a dozen of people working with basic tools, we are now producing in large scale in several large modern factories covering an area of more than 12000 metres squared.

1996 - 2003: Our primary team develops the lambda control system, ignition system and supplies firmware to seceral companies in the same field. Back then, we produced more than 10000 lambda control units for companies in Beijing and Chongqing to convert open-loop controlled vehicles in order to solve the bad emission problems.

2003 - 2005: We developed the Autogas system for petroleum and diesel vehicles. Techforgas sets its engine dyna and lab in Shanghai.

2005 - 2013: Techforgas sets factories to produce ECUs, CNG & LNG regulators, harness, sensors, injectors and more.

2013: Techforgas invested more than 50M RMB in constructing a modern factory. Most modernized equipments in the industry is being used and Techforgas is bringing its development to a whole new level!